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(in) Frequently Asked Questions

Email policy

  • We will be using the discussion board on instead of email.
  • Before starting a new topic please check if the topic is already under discussion and check to see if your question has already been answered.
  • If you must email the instructor or TA directly then use your SFU email address to send the email (do not use any other provider), and use cmpt882: as the prefix in your subject line.


  • The project will be done in groups. There is no maximum group size.
  • You are allowed to leave a group and form a group of size one at the start of each homework but not at the end.
  • Effective group collaboration: We are looking to see effective collaboration. People can play different roles and sometimes more than one role in the same project.
  • Please include a README.username as part of your submission zip file for each username participating in the project.

Using Git

  • For effective group collaboration use a version control system. I recommend using git.